NarraScope 2022


Los días 29, 30 y 31 de julio se celebra el evento NarraScope 2022 que pretende ser un lugar de encuentro de creadores, escritores, programadores y usuarios de ficción interactiva. Se trata de un encuentro on-line. 

El programa es:

Viernes, 29:

Twine in the Classroom  

Are you an aspiring game writer or planning to get into narrative design? 

Inform as a Tool to Teach Narrative Design and Game Writing 

Unlocking Hidden Rules of Office Hours: A Twine Game Jam on First-Generation College Students’ Experiences 

Introduction to Tracery: 

Inform Bootcamp Debrief 

Crash Course on ink 

Teaching for Transfer with Interactive Fiction 

Intro to Chapbook

Educator’s Town Hall and Social

Sábado, 30

Keynote: 5 Lessons From 50 Years of Text Games 

Choosing Your Happily Ever After: Choice and Agency in Romance IF 

Once A Pawn A Time: Using Chess As A Metaphor in Narrative 

What I’ve Learned From (Attempting) to Play Every Adventure Game Ever Made 

Building an Interactive Documentary 

Narrative in a Box: Interactive Fiction in the Physical World 

Narrative Instruments in Practice 

A Hollow-Horned Rumination: Affective Storytelling and Ethical Artmaking 

Designing a Pattern for Dialogue Choices in Discriminatory Situations –

Building a Desirable Future is Not an Individual Heroic Effort 

Bringing Full Accessibility to Mainstream Narrative Games 

Adaptative and Generative Text for Unity 

Morale Is Very Low 

The Futures of Inform 

How We Made a Story-Driven Puzzle Game for a Massive Multinational 

Narrative Tools of Boyfriend Dungeon

Domingo, 31

Curiosity Multiplied The Cat: Five AI Writing Experiments To Try At Home 

“Musicologists’ Creed”: Digital Interactive Fiction, Historical Role-Play, and the Pedagogy of Narrative Play 

My (Mostly) Frustrated Efforts to Collect Narrative Games in an Academic Library 

Plant Patterns, People Patterns: Design Prompts for Agriculture-Driven Narratives 

Hawk and Puma: Bringing the “New Chronicle and Good Government” to the Present 

Now You’re Thinking with Parts: Using Internal Family Systems in Narrative Design 

Fantasy Filing Systems: Interactive Narratives of the OS 

Inbox Adventure: Email as IF Game Platform 

To the beat y’all: Telling a Hip Hop Story Through Games 

“If And Only If”: Exploring Variables and Conditional Logic in Interactive Fiction 

New Stories, Old Interfaces: Playing, Writing, and Designing Immersive Diegetic Narrative Games

Engaging with Under the Surface at Surface Level or What Happens When Nobody Knows It’s a Game? 

Rapid Research 

Putting Words In My Mouth: The Unsilent Protagonist in VR  

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