The page: Visual and Material Literature

Entre los próximos días 14 y 16, se celebrarán en la Universidad de Ottawa las conferencias The Page: Visual and Material Literature. Dentro del programa, se anuncian interesantes disertaciones que tienen que ver con la cultura digital literaria. Entre ellas:

  • Digital Methodologies, Mapping Eighteenth-Century London Literature, por Catherine Nygren.
  • Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse’s Between Page and Screen:Reading Augmented Reality Pop-Up Poetry, por Jennifer Baker
  • One of many statistical objects, Digital Approaches to Genre and the Value of Visibility, por Joel Faber.
  • Seeing Double: Image and Text Relationships in Children’s Literature, por Maria Geertsema. Paratextual Differences of Degree Rather than Kind: Visualizing Unseen Continuity in Thomas H. Huxley’s Man’s Place in Nature, por Robert Pasquini.
  • From Art Object to App: The Incorporation of the Digital in Tom Phillips's A Humument, por Bridget Moynihan.
  • Translating Translating Mallarmé: Remediation and Translation in Visual Poetry, por Andrew Zuliani
El programa completo puede verse en este enlace.

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