14th International Conference on Interactive Storytelling


Desde mañana y hasta el día 10, se celebra en la Universidad de Tallin, en , el ciclo de conferencias titulado 14th International Conference on Interactive Storytelling. Habrá conferencias, talleres y sesiones prácticas de demostración de obras literarias o artísticas digitales.

El programa es el siguiente:

Narrative Systems

Who am I that acts? The Use of Voice in Virtual Reality Interactive Narratives by Jonathan Barbara and Mads Haahr

A synset-based recommender method for mixed-initiative narrative world creation by Mijael R. Bueno Pérez, Elmar Eisemann and Rafael Bidarra

Pedagogical Challenges in Social Physics Authoring by Daniel DeKerlegand, Ben Samuel and Mike Treanor

An Approach to Multiplayer Interactive Fiction by Mariana Farias and Carlos Martinho

Highlight The Path Not Taken to Add Replay Value to Digital Storytelling Games by Susana Gamito and Carlos Martinho

Narrative Text Generation from Abductive Interpretations using Axiom-specific Templates by Andrew S. Gordon and Timothy S. Wang

Using Wearable Devices to Participate in 3D Interactive Storytelling by Tsai-Yen Li and Wen-Hsuan Wang

Inbox Games: Poetics and Authoring Support by Chris Martens and Robert J. Simmons

A Plan-Based Formal Model of Character Regret by Martin Martinelli and Justus Robertson

Narraport: Narrative-based Interactions and Report Generation with Large Datasets by Colin M. Potts and Arnav Jhala

Lean-Back Machina: Attention-based Skippable Segments in Interactive Cinema by Niels Erik Raursø, Malte Elkær Rasmussen, Mikkel Kappel Persson, Tor Arnth Petersen, Kristinn Bragi Garðarsson and Henrik Schoenau-Fog

A Quantified Analysis of Bad News for Story Sifting Interfaces by Ben Samuel, Adam Summerville, James Ryan and Liz England

Digital storytelling and social interaction in cultural heritage – an approach for sites with reduced connectivity by Ektor Vrettakis, Akrivi Katifori and Yannis Ioannidis   

Interactive Narrative Theory

Monster Power. Rebel Heart. Gay Sword. Queer Structures and Narrative Possibility in PbtA Tabletop Roleplaying Games by PS Berge

Emergent Gameplay, Emergent Essaying by Kirsty Dunlop

Emergent Narrative and Reparative Play by Jason Grinblat, Cat Manning and Max Kreminski

A Coauthorship-Centric History of Interactive Emergent Narrative by Max Kreminski and Michael Mateas

Wrestling with Destiny: Storytelling in Perennial Games by Bjarke Alexander Larsen and Elin Carstensdottir

The Applicability of Greimassian Semiotics to Meaningful Procedural Quest Generation by Luis F. T. Meza and David Thue   

Interactive Narrative Impact and Applications

Exploring multiple perspectives in citizenship education with a serious game by Erik Blokland, Caroline Cullinan, Doreen Mulder, Willie Overman, Marin Visscher, Amir Zaidi, Mijael R. Bueno Pérez and Rafael Bidarra

“You Write Your Own Story”: Design Implications for an Interactive Narrative Authoring Tool to Support Reflection for Mental Health in College Students by Sarah Anne Brown and Sharon Lynn Chu

Applying Animated Parables to Gamification in Daily Context: An Expert Evaluation Study by Kenny K. N. Chow

User Evaluation of a Storytelling Application Assisting Visitors in Protected Nature Areas by Asim Hameed, Øyvind Sørdal Klungre, Andrew Perkis, Gøran Bolme and Andrew Brownridge

A Transmedia Narrative Framework for Pediatric Hearing Counseling by Nele Kadastik and Luis Emilio Bruni

“What’s important to you, Max?”: The Influence of Goals on Engagement in an Interactive Narrative for Adolescent Health Behavior Change by Megan Mott, Bradford Mott, Jonathan Rowe, Elizabeth Ozer, Alison Giovanelli, Mark Berna, Marianne Pugatch, Kathleen Tebb, Carlos Penilla and James Lester

Contextualization of Design Qualities in Interactive Story-Based Visualization Applied to Engineering by Jovana Plavšic and Ilija Miškovic

Supporting Interactive Storytelling with Block-Based Narrative Programming by Andy Smith, Danielle Boulden, Bradford Mott, Aleata Hubbard-Cheuoua, James Minogue, Kevin Oliver and Cathy Ringstaff

Exploring Narrative Novelties in VR by Mirjam Vosmeer

Interacting With Climate Change: A Survey of HCI and Design Projects and Their Use of Transmedia Storytelling by Marta Ferreira, Nuno J. Nunes and Valentina Nisi 

The Interactive Narrative Research Discipline and Contemporary Practice

Imagining the Other for Interactive Digital Narrative Design Learning in Real Time in Sherlock by Colette Daiute, Daniel Cox and John T. Murray

A Proposed Curriculum for an Introductory Course on Interactive Digital Narratives in Virtual Reality by Joshua A. Fisher and Janíce Tisha Samuels

The Complexity Analysis Matrix by Noam Knoller, Christian Roth and Dennis Haak

Interactive Digital Narratives (IDN) as Representations of Complexity: Lineage, Opportunities and Future Work by Hartmut Koenitz, Jonathan Barbara and Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari

Toward Narrative Instruments by Max Kreminski and Michael Mateas

Hypertext as a Lens into Interactive Digital Narrative by David E. Millard and Charlie Hargood

Las demostraciones prácticas serán:

Transfordance: The Decentering Effect of Transformative Affordances in Virtual Reality in The Hollow Reach by John T. Murray and Mark C. Marino

Blabbeur – An Accessible Text Generation Authoring System for Unity by Jonathan Lessard and Quinn Kybartas

Ressaca and Dispersão: experiments in non-linear cinema by Bruno Caldas Vianna

Tale: Defamiliarizing ludonarrative puzzles by Antonino Frazzitta and Charlie Hargood

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