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Movie Plot Generator es un programa que presenta aleatoriamente una serie de argumentos para hacer guiones de películas, de manera breve y sucinta. Ofrece, asimismo, una sugerencia de título de dicha película. El texto se autogenera programáticamente.

Produce resultados en inglés.

Por ejemplo, véase aquí un resultado de correr el programa:

Movie Title: "Tomorrow's Verse"

"Tomorrow’s Verse" is an alluring musical drama set in the ever-buzzing city of New York. Maggie, a talented yet undiscovered singer-songwriter, works part-time as a waitress in a local cafe, performing her original songs on a worn-out guitar to the evening's patrons. Her life takes a stunning turn when she catches the attention of Thomas, a legendary but mysterious folk singer who disappeared from the public eye years ago. As Thomas takes Maggie under his wing, they both navigate their histories, battles, dreams, and the volatile world of music while making an unexpected comeback. "Tomorrow's Verse" is a rhythmically captivating tale of music, second chances, friendship, and discovery, a haunting melody that inspires and challenges the soul.

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