The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature

Recién publicado, The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature , compilado y editado por J. Tabbi, de la Universidad de Chicago, pretende ser un compendio de la historia de la literatura digital con artículos escritos por expertos en el campo. Centrado en la literatura digital en inglés, la colección de ensayos es interesante pero adolece de un hilo conductor.

El índice es:

Joseph Tabbi 

Ends, Beginnings

I Hold It Toward You: A Show of Hands
Shelley Jackson 

Our Tools Make Us (And Our Literature) Post
Steve Tomasula 

Lift This End: Electronic Literature in a Blue Light
Stuart Moulthrop 

The advent of aurature and the end of (electronic) literature
John Cayley 

Poetics, Polemics

“your visit will leave a permanent mark”: Poetics in the Post-Digital Economy
Davin Heckman and James O'Sullivan 

Literature and Netprov In Social Media, a Travesty, or, In Defense of Pretension
Rob Wittig 

Daniel Punday 

David Ciccoricco

Álvaro Seiça 

Writing Under Constraint
Manuel Portela 

Electronic Literature and the Poetics of Contiguity
Mario Aquilina 

Combination and Copulation: Making Lots of Little Poems
Aden Evans 

A Glitch Poetics: Reading of Speed Readers, Erica Scourti, Predictive Text, and Caroline Bergvall
Nathan Jones 

Materialities, Ontologies

Flat Logics, Deep Critique: Temporalities, Aesthetics and Ecologies in Electronic Literature on the Web
Allison M. Schifani 

Immanence, Inc: Algorithm, Flow, and the Displacement of the Real Brian Kim Stefans Hypertext
Astrid Ensslin and Lyle Skains 

Internet and Digital Textuality: A Close Reading of 10:01
Mehdy Sedaghat Payam 

Of Presence and Electronic Literature
Luciana Gattass 

Post-modern, Post-Human, Post-Digital 
Laura Shackelford 

Economies, Precarities

Post-Digital Writing
Florian Cramer 

Unwrapping the eReader: On the Politics of Electronic Reading Platforms
David Roh 

Scarcity and Abundance
Martin Paul Eve 

Relocating the Literary: In Networks, Knowledge Bases, Global Systems, Material and Mental Environments
Joseph Tabbi

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